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MISSION OF DISTRICT INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION AND TRAINING, MOIRANG is to foster critical analysis by training students both in theory and practice so as to equip them with skills needed for facing global challenges with team work and human values.


To conduct different kinds of training programmes for pre-service and in-service Elementary School Teachers for improving the quality of basic education and creating a desirable environment within Bishnupur District. To organise programmes to train teachers on new innovations of teaching methods and techniques. To prepare master trainers/resource persons to guide and train the teachers who … Continue reading “Vision”



Principal Message

Dear students:
As a Principal of DIET, Moirang I am glad to convey this message and extend a very warm welcome to you all.

Our vision is to make DIET a centre of excellence in teacher education. Here, Education will be imparted so that students acquire not only the diploma but also “Life Skills” to face the ever changing global challenges.

The divine power of knowledge can provide man with the wealth of understanding, the ability to overpower obstacles and the strength to seek the truth. Let this knowledge flow deep into every man in the society. Thus helping in the Nation Building and more prosperous future.

As a Principal, my vision is “to provide the sense of creativity, talent and knowledge to young mimosas in the blooming garden of technology.” We are here to provide an environment of high academic ambience to mould young and make them capable of welcoming the future with vigour.

My mission is to act as a “Friend, Philosopher & Guide” of students to bring out the inherent talents of each student, identify their weaknesses and guide them to build their personality with the aim of making them better
citizens of tomorrow.

I wish you all “best of luck” and happy stay in the institute during your tenure.

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